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Originally Posted by Master484 View Post
The Atari Falcon seems quite powerful:

I know only one Amiga shooter that really takes advantage of the speed of 2 bitplane playfields, and that is the PD shooter "Blaster":

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In this video the game is played on "Easy" mode, where the aliens don't shoot at all, but on "Hard" mode they shoot, and the screen is full of bullets, but still the game runs at a solid 50fps on a standard A500.

Maybe this technique could be used, but with a 4 bitplane (16 color) back playfield for game objects and a 2 bitplane (4 color) front playfield for bullets and explosions?
Powder used interleaving too turning on and off planes at need: ok was running at 25fps but if that guarantees a 5h17l06d of stuff on the screen then why not?
look here around 25:30 :
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