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Originally Posted by Master484 View Post
I don't know how many colors the Atari Falcon or the X68000 version has, but for me 16 color background + another 16 colors for the moving objects would be enough, with some more colors coming from sprites and copper effects.
Some numbers:

Cho Ren Sha 68k on the X68000: 16 palettes (with 16 colours each) for the sprites and a background comprised of two layers which can choose colours from a palette of 256. So the total number of simultaneous visible colors may exceed 256.

Cho Ren Sha 68k on the Atari Falcon 030: 16 bit "direct colour" display for everything. The sprites are being drawn in original quality by emulating the sprite display of the X68000.

In this early alpha version you can see that the background on the Atari Falcon can be quite colourful (up to 65536 colours):
[ Show youtube player ]

And in this early test version the sprites are being shown as quadratic boxes so you get an idea how the bigger sprites are being composed. Please note that even those are animated by moving parts:
[ Show youtube player ]

This is why I said that it is almost impossible to create bigger Blitter Objects out of the composed objects. Of course you can scrap many things for performance but I think especially this dynamic animated gameplay in combination with the fluid rotations is an important part of this game.

BTW of talking of big sprites:
[ Show youtube player ]

Another BTW: the maximum number of sprites to be drawn is 512 because the X68000 version uses a sprite multiplexing technology. Occasionally this number will be reached and no: even the X68000 isn't able to handle this properly.
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