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@ Neil: thanks a lot for the support, much appreciate it!
@ Gzegokla: Thanks for the tips! (will go in detail about them later on)

First, a few words about the new release and the project in general:

Stage 1: Where we are now

As you've (already) read from Neil's article we've just released the first demo of our upcoming commercial game named 'AlarCity'. This demo is a preview of the Survival Mode (that will also feature in the complete game) and gives you a first glimpse of the fastest, most frentic (yet highly strategic) arcade shooting action you've seen in Amiga in recent years! All with fine AGA pixel art, 50hz smooth scrolling, cool sounds and a ton of enemies, projectiles & fx on screen!

This demo version was created for the needs of the upcoming Rertocomp and as such we had an extremely narrow window of time to pull it off (just around 20 days in fact, to go from a very basic tile engine we had, to this current outcome).
Yet, we managed not only to provide a working prototype but an actual feature complete (on it's own), standalone version, designed to give you -hopefully- hours of fun and addictive gameplay!

Having said that, this current, free and standalone 0.2 demo version is -as I already mentioned- only a glimpse of what will come next! In fact we are planning to continue supporting and expanding it up to v1.0. A few stuff we're hoping to fit in until then:
- More enemy types (passive, small, shooting, mini boss)
- More explosion and other effects
- More powerups
- Screen effects
- Better compatibility and memory performance
- More varied gameplay
- Better enemies progression calibration
- Various other fixes

Stage 2 : Digital download pre-sales

Once we reach this stage and the final, free Survival Mode Demo v1.0 is released, as a next step we will initiate pre-sales (or some kind of early access) for the full and final game. We're currently looking into the exact pricing and model we'll follow, so this info is to be announced in due time!

In the mean time, we'll continue expanding the Survival mode (along with the planned Campaign or Story mode), but further updates will only be avaiable to the pre-sale owners.

Stage 3 : Physical product

Besides the digital downloads, we'd very much like to be able and produce a high quality boxed version of the game. As with the pre-orders, we'll announce any news about this one when the time comes.

Bonus Stage

Everyone who purchases a pre-sales ticket and those kind souls that will decide to donate (really, your support is most important!) will be credited not only at the game box (if eventually made) but also IN game, either at the end credits or (possibly) somewhere within the various stages (heh, we're gonna see about that!)

Get the demo:
Gameplay video: [ Show youtube player ]

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