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Originally Posted by Master484 View Post
In fact, I wonder why no-one in the Amiga demoscene hasn't yet done a "bullet hell" game demo, because this game type is one of those classic "Amiga can't handle it" game genres, and people have been saying this for over 20 years now.
Some thoughts about why it's not only difficult to do a 1:1 port of Cho Ren Sha 68k but almost impossible. Well, not impossible with a lot of restrictions, though, but is this what you would expect from the Amiga 1200?

Due to the advantage of dealing with 16 x 16 pixel sprites and create bigger sprites out of them is highly effective on the X68000 which cannot simply be solved by creating Blitter Objects. Seriously, you don't really want only 16 colours for the sprites and 16 more for the background, do you? Others would argue that it wouldn't justifying the usage of the AGA chipset at all.

So if you want to draw all the sprites as 16 x 16 pixels objects (also because the rotation is easier to do it this way), it would result in the worst effective way drawing them on a planar graphics format. E.g. a shifted sprite would need read/modify/write cycles for two words each line and plane. This gets even worse if you really want to use more than 16 colours, i.e. more planes.

Also using more colours the memory consumption of the sprites and the "alternative" coloured sprites (e.g. using another palette like for the "enemy was getting hit" effect or simply to show a different enemy) will add up very fast.

So in conclusion it's a dilemma: a less colourful game will not be accepted by the users because they demand at least a graphically close or even perfect port compared to the original. However, that way is not an option due to the performance and resource limits.

This is the reason why everyone who really knows something about the capabilities of the Amiga 1200 is silent about this.

In fact, I was thinking about porting Cho Ren Sha 68k to the Amiga so some very very early steps can be found in the sources but honestly, I cannot think of a good and fast solution using the planar graphics format for the sprite display.
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