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About object rotations and other special effects like bending and stretching, I believe that as a general rule these effects are so CPU power costly, that they can never be calculated real time in a running game. This is true especially in shooters like this, where the game action itself already uses almost the entire power that the machine has, constantly drawing as much stuff to screen as possible, while maintaining 50fps...real time rotation calcs simply can't be added on top of that.

Only if there is a special chip to handle the rotations, like the SNES has, then it can be done on-the-fly, but without such chips or a very fast CPU, pre-calculating and storing the frames is the only way. Although I think that some Copper/Blitter tricks exist for stretching stuff vertically ( maybe horizontally too? ), and for creating simple 3D effects like seen in Mr Nutz.

Could be doable on AGA+68030. With AGA you can have three graphics layers: A 4 color sprite layer, and dual playfield for two 16 color layers. Seems to be exactly whats needed for this game.
Indeed, 16 + 16 colors + copper effects + sprites are enough to create a very colorful game. And it should run pretty fast too, if all moving objects are drawn to the Front playfield, so that there is no need to repair the background after every Blit.

Mega Typhoon uses 8 + 8 color dual playfields, and it's super fast on the standard A500. I wonder if the A1200 can achieve the same speed and object amounts on screen using 16 + 16 color playfields? If it can, then surely this game is possible to make, even on an unexpanded A1200.

I noticed that in the coding section people are looking for ideas for an Assembler "coding challenge"...maybe this could be a good challenge: make a "bullet hell" prototype, and see how many bullets and enemies you can put to screen, using either sprites or bobs, or both. 16*16 bullets, with 32*32 enemies, and colorful squares would be enough for graphics.

In fact, I wonder why no-one in the Amiga demoscene hasn't yet done a "bullet hell" game demo, because this game type is one of those classic "Amiga can't handle it" game genres, and people have been saying this for over 20 years now.
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