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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
The image processing features of PPaint are indeed mostly useless, but on the other hand, its palette manipulations are unparalleled by any PC program.
Yeah, I feel the same, when you need image processing I do it mostly on true color modes with ArtEffect on Amiga, but when I want the results to 8bit or less, then PPaint steps in. Or if I want to pixel or convert things directly to low color modes, I use PPaint from the start.

PPaint does a fine job when you need to reduce colors from images/palettes. And it's an exellent tool for Amiga coders who need to combine different images to the same palette. You can merge and copy palettes with the main image, secondary image, or any brushes just so easily and with good results.

And of course the support for PNG, GIF, JPEG, etc is mandatory nowadays, I don't remember what formats DPaint supports, but at least for me the source graphics comes usually in PNG or JPEG, and I also want to save to PNG or GIF when doing for example web graphics or any other gfx than purely for Amiga use.

+1 for layers from me too!
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