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Hi All,

i want to let everyone know in more detail why pricing has gone up, There was no possible way that i could get it done, I have spent hours locked up in my room trying to get these completed, as well, i have fallen way behind in other orders as people can testify and this is having an impact wit my sanity and patience. The amount of work and co-ordination required to get this all done is probably harder than what most people think. Add to this the constant flaming about people complaining that this should be handed over to a board house to get this done, and now we have people are complaining about the increased price.

Whenever you import parts bit by bit you can sometimes get them in under the radar, whenever you import expensive items the customs people rub their hands with glee and will gladly accept visa and your first born. Some people are cancelling their orders now and TBH i can understand. When we started this project and decided on the price we wanted to make this available to the masses and expected a small demand for the A600. I will never believe people who say they dont like the A600 as it appears there are at least 1000 active users of the A600. we were naive to think we could get this done at a lower price and people were excited to see this great product at a basement price, (Which it was). Once we made the decision to get the boards done professionally (at the request of a lot of people) we have now offended people at the other end of the spectrum. I have been receiving hate mail from people who are cancelling their orders and being accused of gouging, and multiple other reasons that we have used to increase the price.

I always said when it is no longer fun what i am doing then it is time to stop, So i will stop, Once the Vampire/Phoenix project is complete then it will be time to me to sell off existing bits and pieces and disappear into the woodwork. I am getting too old for this stress,

Thanks to all who supported me and to the rest, goodbye.

to the above poster, show me the $16 fpga we use from digikey ?
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