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The Atari Falcon seems quite powerful:

First I thought that this game was running on a standard Atari ST, and that would have indeed been very impressive.

But the Atari Falcon is even more powerful than some 90'ies arcade boards that ran some of those classic "bullet hell" shooters like Batsugun, so seeing something like this on the Falcon isn't really a big surprise.

I believe that the Amiga 1200 at least could surely handle a game like this, the only thing that would cause problems are those big rotating enemies; they would need to be pre-calculated and stored somewhere, to Fast RAM maybe.


But even on a normal A500, a game like this could be made, I think Mega Typhoon proves it:

[ Show youtube player ]

Jump to 6:00 in the video to see the boss of the first level; the amount of bullets and big objects on screen is quite similar to what is seen in Cho Ren Sha. And Mega Typhoon has real level backgrounds too.


Also drawing lots of bullets and explosions would be very fast with just 2 bitplanes (4 colors)...maybe we could do a dual playfield game where all explosions and bullets would be drawn to a separate 2 bitplane front playfield, and other objects to a higher color back playfield? And of course the copper could boost the 4 colors a little bit ( or quite a lot ).

I know only one Amiga shooter that really takes advantage of the speed of 2 bitplane playfields, and that is the PD shooter "Blaster":

[ Show youtube player ]

In this video the game is played on "Easy" mode, where the aliens don't shoot at all, but on "Hard" mode they shoot, and the screen is full of bullets, but still the game runs at a solid 50fps on a standard A500.

Maybe this technique could be used, but with a 4 bitplane (16 color) back playfield for game objects and a 2 bitplane (4 color) front playfield for bullets and explosions?
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