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Bit of a change here, after bending the pins slightly on the IDE to mSATA converter (not enough to stop it working, just enough to make it that little bit harder to plug and unplug), I've decided that the next thing should be a PCMCIA file transfer solution of some kind, so I don't need to keep opening up my poor little A600 each time I want to put something on the mSATA drive that is its hard disk drive.

Still looking at my options here, but from what I've found so far I think some sort of flash memory adapter will be suitable. would prefer SD card, as I have a heap of them laying around of various sizes and CF cards aren't as readily available or cheap, but it seems CF adapters are much easier to get. Of course, if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to respond.

And yes, I know I should be more careful, so I don't bend any more pins.
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