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Originally Posted by aszu View Post
I have paid and played or rather attempted to play, the first ToG. No thanks. I believe anyone charging that kind of money for backbone game is a piss taker.
Regarding to your last statement, first - backbone is a crap and should disappear from the the surface of this planet. Second - yes i do enjoy simple games like river raid but would never pay 32E for them. Would you?
Like I said, I'll play it and let you know. But I would pay 32e for something if I thought it was value for money. As for River Raid, it would've been more than 32e in 'old money.'

In my youth new games were near-on 2-days wages - seriously, I earned crap money, so every game was as much an investment as a sodding gamble! Nowadays, I'm a little more affluent, so I can gamble 32e in the hope that we're getting some good stuff for our favourite platform.
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