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Originally Posted by LuMan View Post
Well, I suppose folk are entitled to their own opinion, but it seems a bit strong to claim it's a 'rip-off' when you've not played it yet (or have you?). As for Backbone - it may not be overly powerful, but I've played some bloody good games thrown together in everything from Vic=20 BASIC to VBA in Excel. Just depends what the game creator (or creators) can make the tool do.

I'll play it when it arrives and post my opinion
I have paid and played or rather attempted to play, the first ToG. No thanks. I believe anyone charging that kind of money for backbone game is a piss taker.
Regarding to your last statement, first - backbone is a crap and should disappear from the the surface of this planet. Second - yes i do enjoy simple games like river raid but would never pay 32E for them. Would you?
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