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That change might have broken something else since I noticed this issue with latest winuae.exe but not 3.4.0b7.

In CD & Hard drives, click Add Directory or Archive...
Click Select Directory and choose a directory. (Similar problem if you click Select Archive or Plain File.)
Type something in the Device name and Volume label fields. Click OK.

In the list of drives what you just added shows as RDH0/Harddrive/-
Double-click that entry to see the Path field is blank and the device name and volume label fields have been changed to RDH0 and Harddrive.

But if you now click the drop-down arrow to the right of the Path box, you can select the directory you chose before. Then edit device name and label and click OK, this time it gets added correctly. (Edit to add: I just tried again and while the path showed correctly in the list, device name and label had reverted to RDH0 and Harddrive.)
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