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Originally Posted by James View Post
Have you found it now?

An update to AfA would be great, but I don't think it is going to happen.

Mods need conversion, AFAIK the only Mods that have been converted are available here (you still need the original mods too).

That would be nice as long as you are OK with converting it (or do you mean cosmetic changes to maps/models only). It would be great if somebody could make some more levels for the Quake Mod Portal Gun.

Then we could have a full fledged Portal clone on Amiga.
My initial though was to simply create a AB3d inspired WAD and start making Maps that look like AB3d but not necessarily be exact recreations.
Step 2, add AB3D like monsters and sound effects.
Then if it would "pick up" it would be great to see someone attempt more advanced modifications. Custom weapons, maybe some level conversion tools etc.
We'll see.. IMO oveclocked 060 +AGA is really too low spec to run Q2 decently so it all depends on the penetration of the Vampire when it gets its long awaited FPU.

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