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Mouse is uncaptured on graphics API change

I noticed an issue related to changing graphics API (Direct3D ↔ DirectDraw).

With emulation running and mouse captured, press F12 to open the settings window then click OK or Cancel. The mouse is automatically re-captured when the settings window closes.

However if you change graphics API, the mouse is not re-captured when the settings window closes. In particular, if you have the pause-when-mouse-uncaptured option enabled, on clicking OK to dismiss the settings window emulation is paused showing a black screen.

Suggestions to fix:
  • If mouse was captured before opening the settings window, re-capture it even on changing graphics API.
  • If emulation was paused before opening settings and changing graphics API, copy the "old" Amiga image into the new-API window to avoid showing a black screen. (Or just always do that on API change.)
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