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I would love to see a Furia 030 - replace the memory with fast SRAM, one could have a zero wait-state 030@50 with FPU - you wouldn't get any faster speed than that outside a Vampire, I know of a few companies that have large amounts of QFP 030's @ 40MHz

Originally Posted by pcGTW_Webmaster View Post
Things changed a bit, since the Vampire is 250€ now (or 289€ if you want the "Black" edition). Not a smart move in my opinion, as that is way too much for an FPGA based card. I guess more people will now buy the Furia instead.
You are more than welcome to your opinion my friend, personally I would say that the 150 Euro was way too low for such an adaptor as it cripples any competition in that price bracket like the Furia which, knowing the cost of the components doesn't have that much of a margin. I have always felt a 200/250 Euro for the V2 would be better positioned in the market.

Perhaps an interesting fact thats not known outside production is that the Cyclone 3 FPGA chip essentially quadrupled in price (over night) since the take-over of Altera by Intel.

This happened right in the middle of building to orders - I think the guys did admiral work finishing off with that promise - I doubt you would find a commercial business that would do that today!

The two guys that have been making all the Vampire2's must be extremely exhausted knowing the order rate.

What stated as a hobbyist product has certainly come to fruition and I could be not prouder for the Apollo / Vampire Team - they have sweated, shed blood and tears no doubt but they have brought the community a glimpse into the power of FPGA technology for the Amiga as well as the potential of tomorrow - very exciting!.

Having a V2 I can certainly say its most assuredly worth 250 Euros if you have it for this hobby - if not sell some unnecessary stuff like family members - there is nothing on the market (68k at least) that can come anywhere near it, let alone for the A600!

Do you remember the time when the A600 was the most unloved of all desktop models?

not any more....
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