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Originally Posted by pcGTW_Webmaster View Post
Things changed a bit, since the Vampire is 250 now (or 289 if you want the "Black" edition). Not a smart move in my opinion, as that is way too much for an FPGA based card. I guess more people will now buy the Furia instead.
I don't think it's a matter of being "smart" but what it costs. They've been selling the pre-ordered cards at a loss, then new orders at break-even. With the increase in demand they've had to switch to professional manufacturing to meet the demand which adds further costs.

Even at 250 I'm not sure they're making any money out of it, just covering costs plus a tiny safety margin.

I have a Furia and a Vampire 2 (600, post-preorder price) by the way and I'm very glad that I bought it ages ago! However the new higher prices wouldn't deter me now and I'm still wanting one for my A1200, CD32 & A4000D
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