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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
That just means you only have (approximately) 250KB of RAM available once Workbench loads.
Workbench 1.0 does not take more than 100k to load. I tried using WinUAE 3.1.0 using the same config file, but only booting from the original WB1.0 disk. It said there was 406 KB free, even with Graphicraft disk in Df1:

I tried the SAME two disk based config in 3.3.0 and the disk refused to even load, and just went to CLI.

I tried the A1000 HDD setup with 3.1.0 and it wont load/detect the HDDs now, perhaps because I am trying to use a later config file on an earlier version (although it was working before).

So I cant boot the HDD from 3.1.0, and I cant use the disks on 3.3.0. 3.1.0 seems to have 512k memory, 3.3.0 is showing 256k for me.

(monkey business, yes that must be a slip from my old thread, maybe that never existed)
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