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Beta 7:

- CD32 FMV ROM image was not loaded correctly from pre-3.4 config files.
- CD32 first CD audio track play attempt from the beginning was confused with TOC subchannel read.
- Z2/Z3 autoconfig data first byte's upper 5 bits was not editable. Only low 3 size bits should be forced (board size).
- Implemented non-autoconfig RAM board definition support. Added DKB Insider I/II.
- CD emulation didn't automatically load TOC when accessing the CD for the first time and program didn't request TOC previously. (Fixes Buddha ATAPI device not reading CD in non-image mode)
- Added manual (non-autoconfig) GUI memory board support. Any Z2 or Z3 board can be configured as manually mapped.
- Pre-KS1.2 boot support works again. Now expansion tree is build before emulation starts but pre-KS1.2 boot support obviously needs to know KS version before emulation starts but KS won't be loaded until emulation starts..
- Fixed harmless "SCSI command xx, no direction specified!" messages when attempting to play audio CD using hardware SCSI/ATAPI emulation.
- Fixed unstable Portaudio audio in vsync modes.
- Tecmar T-Card RAM works again. First Z2 RAM is emulated as Tecmar autoconfig RAM board.
- Shortcuts with SHIFT work again in optimized builds. It was buffer overflow (reading past end of buffer) very deep in input handling.
- Both SCRAM 500/2000 SCSI board variants emulated (DP8490V = 53C80 and NCR53C94).
- More ESP/NCR5394/FAS216 updates, FIFO in PIO mode only can contain max 1 byte. (SCRAM NCR53C94 fix)
- Otronic Filecard 2000/OSSI 500 emulation. (Official ROM is MIA, Aminet replacement rom works but it needs to be merged first)
- Automatically loaded default.uae with unplugged input device: set it to none, not layout A.
- Include CD/FMV audio caused infinite loop when playing CD audio.
- Disable ROM panel UAE MapROM option if accelerator board emulation is enabled. They are incompatible.
- Accelerator boards that required ROM but nothing was selected: crashed during expansion tree building.
- DD-only drive + turbo floppy mode + standard ADF HD floppy image: valid MFM was returned.
- Ignore all write attempts if standard ADF HD image in DD-only flpppy drive.

(some reported GUI related issues are not yet fixed)
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