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In my personal opinion here, I would say that it is price verses performance. Interestingly you can add value to the product for not much extra cost.

Of course the Vampire2 spanks quite hard in this area, but at a current cost of 150 Euros and a very long waiting time will be off putting to some, with the Furia020 its available now to buy for about 100 Euro's.

What would give the Furia a better edge, well again in my opinion a few things for the developer to look at -
  • Add a cheap USB JTAG + software with Rescue Mode for the for the Furia020 that can be used on the PC
  • Make the product over all cheaper - get it to market for 70/80 Euros *[1]
  • Add a PGA socket as an optional replacement of the TQFP 020EC - thus can run 20/030 PGA CPU's*[2]
  • I would also look at obtaining a 3.x Kickrom License to bundle with the hardware. *[3]

*[1]To reduce cost perhaps the quickest way would be remove the on board RAM and off-load it to a 72pin DRAM SIMM
*[2]keep the TQFP020@25 but have the option to run a PGA 030@50MHz since the ram is not on the board and off-loaded to a 72PIN SIMM the board would have space for a PGA socket. Having a non EC CPU in the PGA socket would also allow for more memory via the 72PIN SIMM port so that you wouldn't be limited to the 8MB Z2 space as well as being PCMCIA friendly in lets call it "PGA" mode - so you can run the PCMCIA device till your hearts content.
*[3]This is a small cost by volume but adds a lot of value to the product as the user no longer needs to worry about upgrading the Kickstart ROM to make the most of their machine - its already there for the user to use - given time make it re-programable for the user to develop their own Kickstart ROM with a back up - fail safe - feature.

All that and keep it at 70/80 Euro's for the end user - That would be the edge this adaptor could leverage and sell a lot more units as it would be close to half the price of a Vampire V2 and seriously outperforms the ACA620 and the ACA630 - in fact any 020 or 030 based upgrade for the A600 - IMHO.

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