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Originally Posted by WayneK View Post
From the interview:-

" I had been working on graphics for an unreleased DMA shoot 'em up at home, but in the Summer of 1991, I went to work in the office and started on Hired Guns.".

I think this is the game "Reaper" by... surprisingly, Reaper/Powerlords UK (Mark, forgot his surname). I have the graphics workdisk somewhere, along with an early preview of the game (side-scrolling with giant powerups/weapons).
I'll see if I can dig it out, it's stored somewhere in my parents attic - although I hope it's in better condition than most of the other disks I salvaged from there since at least 50% of them were unreadable, so don't hold your breath

Good interview btw Predseda!
Go for it ASAP!
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