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Thank you very much for the interview. The graphics for Hired Guns are really good, with no real weak spots. The character sprites, environment art, even the GUI looks very polished. I agree that the Rahl is iconic and I still remember my brother playing one level where a bunch of the monsters slowly crept up to the main platform to overrun the players. Truly scary creatures (even if you have a grenade launcher)! I wouldn't have thought that the level loading images where scanned-in photos, very interesting and yet effective with the added details. They are indeed sinister, it helped set the mood for the upcoming dark maps full of unknown dangers. My favourite map loading text is the one that mentions some infrared source a few meters under the surface. It's little details like that that make a game spooky and atmospheric.

I am sure he feels proud, and rightly so, that so many people still have fond memories of Hired Guns. I hope he will join this forum sometime

Maybe he has seen my boardgame figures, too

Now I again feel the urge to work on my Hired Guns HD remake
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