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Re: Furia
Yes the latest model does support a MAPROM feature which will load (upto) 1MB Kickstart - ROM File (most are 512KB - including the custom 3.9 I am using) - This is loaded at Run Time to FAST RAM and will take 0.5MB from the 9.5MB - Giving you 9MB of FAST RAM, 2MB of CHIP RAM and a 3.x ROM in FAST MEMORY - quite tasty

The latest Furia 020 offers a 33MHz 020 and a 40MHz FPU - which will give you about 6 MIPS and about 1 MFLOP - which is very nice on an A600! (considering this is a tad faster than a stock A3000!)

You should be able to achieve about 1.6MB per second transfer via the native IDE (possibly more). So for the price (about 100 Euros) its pretty impressive.
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