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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
Whats the Expense:
Hmmm you would need an interface from the 68EC020 to the new 68040/60 - essentially another board - where in fact it would be cheaper to redesign one from scratch. Sadly obtaining enough 040 and or 060 CPU's that are known working and financially viable - as well to hold a warranty - is the limiting factor here.
Well, I'm aware that a new board would have to be projected from scratch. I was just admiring the strengths of the Furia and wondering a "what if" scenario of what a 68040 or even a 68060 design would accomplish. With the fierce competition of the Vampire 2, the Furia would have to need some sort of edge over it (other than being immediately available) to be competitive.

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
Well it is, just massively impractical - one could argue (and rightly so) that its not mass market possible - so hence the success of the Vampire / Apollo '080 Core projects.
So it goes down to the impracticality of it all, then? I understand. But still, a pity. A full 68040/68060 board would be very fast and still preserve original hardware, without resorting to FPGA chips, hence the edge the Furia would have over the massively performing Vampire 2. Their numbers are waning after the whole Vampire 2 affair, but there are still some hardware purists around that would absolutely jump on a 68040/68060 board. I feel that the 68EC020 just isn't competitive enough - despite all the good hallmarks of the Furia - and is holding it back a bit... That's why I asked: if such a board were to be made, how much more expensive would it be over the current Furia?
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