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It feels good to be home again. I have to say, I'm surprised at how snappy the A600 really is as it is now, it really is a delight to use when compared to the PC I'm typing this on now.

Ohhhh, thank you so very much my good man! I'm actually surprised how well our TV is coping with the composite video output from the A600, the first time I tried an interlaced screen-mode, I was happy to see there was none of the headache inducing flicker that I remember so very well showing on the 42" Sony screen. The only real issue is that it's not as clean and crisp as I'd like, because composite. Although it would also be nice to be able to use it with one of the LCDs we have spare here. Thank you so much for the lead, I'll look into that once I've finished this reply.

Am I right in thinking that the Furia has the ability to load a kickstart into RAM and use that instead of the onboard, so I could upgrade to Kickstart 3.1 without touching my existing kickstart ROM? It seems to be that a 3.1 ROM is almost a necessity for me, as so much of what I want to use won't run on KS 2.0.

You speak of a spare or secondary machine... If I could get my hands on an A1200 at a reasonable price, I'd be proud to have 2 Amigas again...
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