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Originally Posted by i2lgames View Post
Hello i have bought the furia ec020 with fpu, set it up and works ok. The thing is i have tried it with the following compact flash cards and the amiga cannot boot from them. Kingston 4gb can not even recocnize it. Verbatim 2gb hangs the amiga from the start. Sandisk 8gb ultra recocnizes it sees all the partitions fron the boot menu but keeps on booting and the floppy drive clicks normaly. I used to be able to boot from all these cards in my amiga 600 and in winaue. The only working card is my old sandisk 512kb it boots ok but the space is too limited. Can you advise me to do something?
I have had problems with these brands of cards before on both several A600's and A1200's - they seem a little hit and miss, however SanDisk seem to be the Daddy in this area - with the exception of one older 64MB SanDisk CF Card - every SanDisk branded card I have tried works - and that includes A600/A1200 and the ZX Spectrum 128k +2

However in saying that I have had some booting issues, and to solve this I had to replace the capacitors - on two A600's and 3 A1200's - the Former most recently.

Originally Posted by demolition View Post
I don't think the accelerator should impact the compatibility with CF cards, however the increased speed might cause it to not boot since it is running too fast for the IDE to be ready. In that case, pressing C-A-A after you see the KS screen might make it boot. This is why they added an extra delay in KS 3.1, so you might have better luck if you change to KS 3.1 if you haven't already.
Timing is everything:
I think this is quite close to the nail for the hammer - I suspet that not all CF cards present themselves properly on the IDE Bus under PIO mode as they expect a UDMA protocol - of those that do, I suspect either a tight - strict adherence of IDE interface protocol - which may not be *wholly* present in the scsi.device or a loosely based PIO Mode IDE protocol that breaks compatibility - sadly I don't have any direct evidence only a lot of statistical tests that could possibly suggest this.

Originally Posted by PortuguesePilot View Post
How much more expensive would it be if it was equipped with the 68040 or 68060 instead of the 68EC020?
Whats the Expense:
Hmmm you would need an interface from the 68EC020 to the new 68040/60 - essentially another board - where in fact it would be cheaper to redesign one from scratch. Sadly obtaining enough 040 and or 060 CPU's that are known working and financially viable - as well to hold a warranty - is the limiting factor here.

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
That's not possible.
Well it is, just massively impractical - one could argue (and rightly so) that its not mass market possible - so hence the success of the Vampire / Apollo '080 Core projects.

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