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Originally Posted by TroyWilkins View Post
I finally got all the items required to add a 16GB mSATA drive to my A600 as shown here: Hack@Home: 16GB mSATA SSD to Amiga IDE - for about £10

So now my A600 has more storage than I could have ever dreamed of back in the day, and has been brought up to 2MB chip RAM.

I've spent some time learning about the limitations and workarounds for large hard drives, and have got my A600 booting successfully, patching scsi.device, and have got Classic Workbench Green Amiga Alien Edition working quite nicely.

I'm far from finished, but I do feel like I'm making progress. It certainly seems I'm going to need to add some fast RAM, as the buffers from the several partitions are eating far too much ram. And yes, I know there will be other benefits too. I keep looking at the Furia and contemplating if I can justify that, considering I also am interested in a Vampire, knowing that I'll have to wait for a Vampire... Also the Indivision ECS, although expensive, looks mighty tempting, it would certainly be better than the composite video output I'm using now, which isn't the best...

This really does feel like coming home again after all these years, and I'm so glad I've done it.

+1 ( welcome back home =D )

Also welcome to the problem of what upgrade do you get next ? (please note I said next and not last lol)

The Furia is a nice card and will offer a little more "Ooomph!" (is that a word?) than the ACA620 - while a fraction more in cost atleast its available now, and will hold its value should that you come to sell it later.

I still have my ACA620 and its unlikely I will part with that - it, like the Furia 020 these are delightful little upgrades - and great to have as either a Spare or Secondary machine.

The Indivision ECS is quite a delight, however you can opt for a cheaper option for scan doubling the video output - the GBS 8220 is a great little adaptor from eBay for about $25 and will scan-double your Amiga output video so it will work with VGA equipment such as monitors and newer TV's (and Plasma Panels ) I have one of these floating around and use it for my Spectrum's / Amstrads / Commodore 64 / Atari ST and Amiga's - I have a particular version here that also takes an SVideo in signal (Chroma / Luma / Ground) so my 3DO can display on the VGA of my Plasma Panel.

You can now get both Component SCART (RGB) and Composite SCART (Composite RCA / CBVS) to HDMI out as well - so there is some fun to play with their as well sir!
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