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I finally got all the items required to add a 16GB mSATA drive to my A600 as shown here: Hack@Home: 16GB mSATA SSD to Amiga IDE - for about £10

So now my A600 has more storage than I could have ever dreamed of back in the day, and has been brought up to 2MB chip RAM.

I've spent some time learning about the limitations and workarounds for large hard drives, and have got my A600 booting successfully, patching scsi.device, and have got Classic Workbench Green Amiga Alien Edition working quite nicely.

I'm far from finished, but I do feel like I'm making progress. It certainly seems I'm going to need to add some fast RAM, as the buffers from the several partitions are eating far too much ram. And yes, I know there will be other benefits too. I keep looking at the Furia and contemplating if I can justify that, considering I also am interested in a Vampire, knowing that I'll have to wait for a Vampire... Also the Indivision ECS, although expensive, looks mighty tempting, it would certainly be better than the composite video output I'm using now, which isn't the best...

This really does feel like coming home again after all these years, and I'm so glad I've done it.
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