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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Thank you DamienD, I did a test and you can rest quietly on 2 Floppy without the aid of LZX, just compress the game with Powerdata. Only problem is that the game does not require floppy 2 when looking for files from the second floppy.

- The game may not run on A500 because Kick1.3 It does not support lowlevel.library, it is instead supported by Kick2.0 and higher.

- Command CD on Kick2.0 and higher is resident, no need to copy it to C: floppy

I hope it is acceptable as written
That very Interesting to me, AmigaSystem.
Have you got a link for Powerdata?
Any chance that you could upload the 2 disks that you made with Powerdata?

Nice work amiman99 & Damien
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