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@ idrougge

DamienD has created this adf version, freely, in direct response to Amiga500Forever's post #24, with information as to exactly what is needed to run the game.
Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Use an "A1200 - 2MB Chip & 4MB Fast RAM configuration" or have those specs in your real Amiga...
It is not solely for Amiga500Forever, it is for the wider community if they so wish to use it, and rather than disappointing Amiga500Forever, DamienD took it upon himself to help by creating an adf version the only feasible way he could.

You, I, DamienD or anyone else knows exactly what Amiga500Forever is using, and whether or not he will be able to run the software, but I do see the generosity of DamienD's actions as being helpful towards another member of this board/community.

I'm pretty sure if Amiga500Forever read the whole thread, he would have picked on the fact that the game is A1200 specific by amiman99's first post, so in theory he's already half way there.

There's no need to post comments that attempt to ridicule DamienD for his generosity, without hard evidence that it simply won't work under the Amiga specifications that DamienD set out in the first place.

Basically, try it before commenting the likes of what you have without any weighted arguments.
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