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Originally Posted by lifeschool View Post
Yes it shows 512k on Ram page but only 256k on my Workbench.
That just means you only have (approximately) 250KB of RAM available once Workbench loads.

To reduce the amount of RAM taken by the OS you could boot from a disk which doesn't have the LoadWB command in its startup-sequence. And put your AddMem command as the first line of the startup-sequence. Also, having a second floppy drive uses up more memory.

But perhaps the two shared directories you have configured ("C:\- AMIGA\Workbench\Workbench 1.0 6th Sept 85" and "C:\- AMIGA\Amiga HD") are using more memory. Try removing them and instead boot from a WB 1.0 floppy disk and see what the free memory figure is once Workbench has loaded.
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