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Yes it shows 512k on Ram page but only 256k on my Workbench. I mentioned in the OP I am using the latest version of WinUAE 3.3.0. If it works on your machine but not mine, with the same config, I am completely stumped.

Northway - thanks for the tip. I will check out these early games:

Hacker Activision
The Coveted Mirror Polarware/Penguin Software
Frank and Ernest's (Spy) Adventure Polarware/Penguin Software
Oo-Topos Polarware/Penguin Software
Jewels Of Darkness Rainbird (1986)
Monkey Business The Other Valley Software
Ultima II Sierra on-line
Spellbreaker Infocom 85 - September 16, 1985 & September 4, 1986
Moonmist Activision/Infocom 86
Borrowed Time Activision / Infocom
Mindshadow Activision / Infocom
Talking Trivia (Speech Trivia Game, marketed by Megatronics, Utah
Apl 1986 Crimson Crown Polarware
Apl 1986 Transylvania Polarware
????1986 Mindwalker Synapse - Commodore Amiga
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