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Ah right. Thanks a lot.

I selected 1.5mb slow ram and used addmem with the following syntax:

Addmem C00000 D00000

It added 1MB to the system and thats wonderful, I now have 1.2 meg instead of 256k to play with.

So now this is running smoothly, is there anything out there which I can run on WB1.0? I am guessing that not much was written after its release in Sept 1985, as 1.1 came out in Nov 1985, and it looks like 1.0 was just a test demo and nothing 'modern' will work with it. Stuff like sysinfo etc I guess would be no chance. Again, thats ok. Even the oldest boing ball I can find is in PAL and I use American NTSC, so even that runs with some issues.
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