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Originally Posted by michaljarz View Post
Very thanks for JIT direct! Now it works (with 68K configs).
Also Wazp3D now working since beta 5 with WinXP

I tested other configs - with PPC Cyberstorm.
In 3.3.0 config Cyberstorm+JIT direct work (attachment 1), but in 3.4.0 (tested with latest build) not.
If I set "indirect", system started and when I change to "direct" then automatically returns to "indirect" (JIT: Reverting to "indirect" access, because canbang is zero!) (attachment 2).
If I set "direct" and run emulator then go to HALT7 (attachment 3).
If I set "direct" and switch off "UAE Zorro III" graphic card then system started, but returns to "Indirect" (attachment 4).
Any accelerator that has maprom that needs address space mirroring (mainly blizzards, cyberstorms) = can't be JIT direct compatible. JIT does not support it.

JIT direct switched off: CPUBoard MAPROM
Switching JIT direct off!
PS. I wanted out of curiosity to ask, which means the latest extension in the list of hardware, appearing when turns on "UAE Zorro III" graphic card?
It is not an expansion. It shows last used Z3 address.

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