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Thank for your help with this. Yes I guess I will wait patiently for the next beta.

I tried the memory addresses you gave but it crashed.

I added the T-Card and it did nothing.

I added more ram slow and Z2 after this but still no change, and sometimes the machine failed to boot, giving a black pointer in the lower corner of a white screen.

I tried ECS Agnus for 1.0MB chip ram, but nothing.

Yes I just wondered if it was possible to play a game on an old A1000. Whatever I select, it just gives 256kb. I thought the A1000 released with 512kb?

This is on Old
"A1000: 256kb, upgradable to 512k internally. Extensible to 8.5 MB with extension card (512 KB CHIP RAM + 8 MB FAST RAM) and to 10 MB"

I realise WHDLoad probably wont even run on KS1.0 anyway, but maybe it will work with KS1.3 and WB1.0? Thats my only alternative for now.
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