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Originally Posted by lifeschool View Post
I found AutoAddRam by Jonathan Potter which appears to work with KS1.0
AutoAddRam requires at least Kickstart 1.2. The AddMemList function which it uses was first implemented with Kickstart 1.2. Plus it uses OpenLibrary (Exec -$228) which wasn't implemented in 1.0.

I do remember seeing a 1.0 (or 1.1?)-compatible memory-adding program but don't remember where.

You could try experimenting with a Tecmar T-card config, since the Tecmar software can add its on-board memory.

Perhaps a future version of WinUAE could have an option to add non-AutoConfig RAM automatically under Kickstart 1.0/1.1 (if a shared drive is configured the memory could be added before handling that).
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