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100Hz black frame insertion issues

Windows 10 1511 64-bit, Dell D830 laptop, Nvidia Quadro NVS135M driver 341.96, WinUAE 3.3.0.

I set Windows desktop to 100Hz and have been experimenting with WinUAE's black frame insertion feature. There are some issues. I'm using legacy vsync since low-latency vsync doesn't seem to work well here even at 50Hz.

Black frame insertion works correctly in windowed and full-screen modes. However it doesn't work properly in full-window mode. There it looks like emulation runs at half speed (very flickery).

Also, on trying to start emulation in full-window mode without the BFI box checked (still with 100Hz Windows desktop), there was an error message:
CreateDevice failed, 8876086C S=1 F=0876 C=086C (2156) ()

In the log:
Max hardware surface size: 8192x8192
Allocated draw temp buffer (1600*1280*32) = 0BDDB020
Direct3D: Pixel shader 2.0+ support detected, shader filters enabled.
Device name: 'NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M ' 90012000d1064.a1
CreateDeviceEx failed, 8876086C S=1 F=0876 C=086C (2156) ()

Device name: 'NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M ' 90012000d1064.a1
CreateDevice failed, 8876086C S=1 F=0876 C=086C (2156) ()

Run WinUAE, load config. Windowed mode 100Hz desktop. Start emulation, everything OK. Open settings change from Windowed to Full-window. Half-speed and flickery.

A similar half-speed-and-flickery issue happens when the Windows desktop is set to 50Hz, and I load a config which is full-screen 100Hz with BFI.
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