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Originally Posted by Dr.Venom View Post
I've been testing the updated portaudio modes and I'm getting sound crackling and these messages when using the portaudio wasapi mode in combination with low latency vsync:

20-714 [2273 227-204]: pull overflow! 16384 16384 16384

Currently there is sort of a workaround in that entering and exiting the gui a few times will "fix" it for a longer time (sound runs flawless then). I've attached a log where there's soundcrackling on startup and it being "fixed" after entering and exiting the gui.

This is from a quickstart configuration with only the portaudio wasapi mode and low latency vsync selected. From what I've tested the "No/Double/Triple buffer" selection has no influence on this.
Does buffer size have any effect? "Real" buffer probably is at least 2x smaller now (no need for extra "sync buffer" anymore)
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