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Black frame insertion in non-vsync mode

I managed to get my laptop screen to display at 100Hz. Not sure how dangerous to the hardware that is, so I'm not going to use it for hours on end like that. But anyway...

I can't seem to get black frame insertion to work in non-vsync modes. Is that intentional?

I can normally get a stable/smooth display without using a vsync mode. And a lower sound buffer setting can be used when not using a vsync mode.

Also, is there any way to disable this feature from the 3.3.0 beta 13 changelog?
"Variable sync + black frame insertion and if doubled refresh rate is equal to selected/max hardware supported refresh rate: automatically reduce internal emulated refresh rate by 0.5Hz to guarantee glitch free display. (Workaround for monitors that have max refresh rate of 100Hz=PAL or 120Hz=NTSC)"

(While my laptop doesn't support adaptive sync/g sync, it seems to function just like non-vsync mode so could be a workaround for black frame insertion not working in non-vsync mode.)
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