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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
I thought the SX32 had the hard drive and yet you have the FMV module under 'Built in CD/HD controllers'.
Because it originally only had mainboard built-in CD/HD controllers. I forgot to rename the category title. (FMV is not technically built-in but it is close enough)

Choosing this option adds an 'accelerator' option for Harddrives (which isn't detected)

Surely the FMV module should be in the Accelerators menu and the SX32 should be in both the Ide controllers and accelerators menus?
FMV is not accelerator. It does not have replacement CPU.

SX32 IDE is boring. It has usual Gayle IDE and uses KS ROM driver (there is nothing IDE specific in its boot ROM) = enable normal A600/A1200 IDE to emulate it. Exact same thing.

Accelerator is never under SCSI/IDE controllers. Accelerator = whole board, including possible IDE or SCSI controller. (You can't separate them!)

On a side not adding SX32 accelerator memory isn't working.
SX32 memory has never worked properly. I listed it in some change log. It has stupid memory test that assumes specific hardware behavior I am not interested in debugging without real board.
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