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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Ciao Toni, sorry again, I would like to report the minor faults of 3.4.0 b5 but also present in previous beta 3.4.0, I do not know if the problems are just my (Win7 32Bit), i hope my English is inclusive.

- If you create a new config from scratch for OS4.1 sound cards FM801/ES1370 also activated with relative check They are no longer present on OS4.1.
The new saved config, when viewed with 3.3.0 shows FM801/ES1370 are disabled

- With 3.4.0 b5 but also in 3.4.0 previous Beta with sound cards FM801/ES1370 on OS4.1 the sound is very distorted, with 3.3.0 (same config same system) the sound feels good.

- With 3.4.0 b5 but also in 3.4.0 previous Beta with with the graphics card UAE Zorro III the opening of the Workbench windows turns out to be slower than Picasso IV (Workbench graphical windows disgusting), with 3.3.0 (same config same system) no problem.
Although I did not have answers, thanks for the fix

- B6 Fixed issue save audio cards on creating new config
- B6 improves sound quality though still not perfect yet on my PC
- B6 improves speed and slowing graphic window opening with UAE Zorro IIII, Picasso IV board is always faster and no graphical slowdown.
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