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Beta 6: (b5 fixes only)

- Workaround for possible NCR53C720+ emulation bug when read is shorter than command's allocation size. CSPPC SCSI driver gets confused if it causes phase mismatch error. (b5 REQUEST SENSE fix caused this side-effect)
- CSMK3/CSPPC/BPPC without UAE Boot ROM: accelerator boot ROM didn't work very well.
- Picasso IV enabled + reset: always caused hard reset.
- If extended ADF's track space is smaller than write length, ignore first bits in sector buffer (it is most likely part of the gap).
- Fill REQUEST SENSE Information Bytes (if SCSI) or Address bytes (if SASI) if error was LBA related.
- x86 VGA board didn't correctly skip autoconfig. (It is technically shared with normal autoconfig boards)
- b5 memory bank update broke ECS 0.5M+0.5M config.
- Compiled again with pre-release MSVC compiler. Does speed now match 3.3.0? (Few reported that 3.4 betas have slower performance) This breaks most SHIFT+<something> shortcuts.. (It appears to be optimizer bug related to 64-bit variables in 32-bit mode) Temporary change, either I'll add workaround or I'll use official version or final/fixed version will be released soon. Only confirming if this helps with performance. (3.3.0 was accidentally compiled with pre-release version..)
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