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WASAPI and WASAPI EX (pull mode) audio with legacy vsync seems to have broken in beta 5.

Start emulation in windowed mode, anything other than legacy vsync, WASAPI EX. Run a demo and sound plays. Open settings window, change to legacy vsync and continue emulation. The current sound buffer loops, with repeated console output:
pull overflow! 1024 1024 1024 (with sound buffer size 1)
pull overflow! 65536 65536 65536 (sound buffer size 10)

You can press F12 and change various sound settings (e.g. sample frequency or buffer size) and then continue emulation again, at which point there is no sound.

With non-exclusive WASAPI the sound buffer doesn't loop, you just get silence with log messages like
pull overflow! 4224 2112 4224
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