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Hardfile Settings window problems

I noticed a couple of issues with the Hardfile Settings window.

If you edit the HDF filename manually (click in Path string box and change the filename), when you press return the window closes but the new name is ignored. If you click OK instead the new name is remembered.

The next issue happens when you click the ... button to open a file requester for choosing the HDF name (as opposed to typing it manually). When you choose the new HDF in the file requester, the HDF settings are reset to the defaults (SCSI-2, non-RDB mode, surfaces 1, sectors 32, reserved 2). If you then click RDB mode the manual geometry box is checked if it was before, but the geometry values are reset to the defaults (e.g. 4 surfaces, 63 sectors etc.).

That makes using multiple HDFs for e.g. Tecmar or Xebec controllers a bit of a pain, since you have to fix the geometry and RDB mode settings each time you change HDF. If you're using a config someone else made it's quite likely your HDF won't be in the exact same location so you'll need to change it before starting emulation. And when you do that the manual geometry gets messed up.
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