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SWAG Meeting Number 2 - Update

Line-up of Kit

So far we are expecting…

  • An Amiga 500 with Gotek drive
  • An Amiga 1200 with the latest ACA 1221, 4GB CF, network access and Gotek drive
  • Raspberry Pi running the latest version of Amibian
  • An Amiga 4000 with projector
  • A Power Mac G5 running MorphOS
  • CD32
  • ACA1233/40MHz/128MB, Gotek, Kickstart 3.1, Workbench 3.1, 4GB CFHD, kipper2k external HD adaptor, EasyADF/PCMCIA, Indivision AGA Mk2cr

Buggy Boy Tournament

Elite’s conversion of Tatsumi’s 1985 arcade classic is still very playable today, and it’s why we’ll be running a Buggy Boy tournament at SWAG meeting number 2.

Get practising, as we want to see your best scores on the Offroad course.


Gunnar Kristjánsson, the developer of Amibian for the Raspberry Pi, has promised to make the latest version of the installation available for us in time for the meeting. To make this happen he’s busy working on it this weekend.

If you want to see one of the best Amiga emulation installations for the Raspberry Pi you’ll find it here.

Meeting Content – Arcade Conversions

At this meeting we take a look at arcade conversions.

The Amiga was home to some truly terrible arcade conversions (Chase HQ and Street Fighter 2, for example), but it also played host to a mountain of absolute classic arcade replicas including Pang, Toki, Rodland, Rainbow Islands and many more.

Armed with the Amiga TOSEC, we’ll be putting an Amiga aside to play some of these classics of yesteryear (check out the SWAG Facebook group for the list of titles so far).

Purchase Your Amiga 600/1200 Cap Kits

Do you have an Amiga with failing caps? One of our members will have kits for sale at the meet.

Kick Off 2 Tournament

SWAG member, Gil Ashby will be running a Kick Off 2 tournament on his projector. Time to brush up those skills!

Amiga Hardware / Software Test

The group have had a massive stash of Amiga hardware and software donated to us. We’ll be testing this lot out at the meet. Feel free to lend a hand.

Meeting Content – 5-Player Dynablaster Bomberman

Such was the popularity of Dynablaster at our first SWAG meet we’ll be wheeling this classic out once again for more multiplayer bombing action.

See you on Saturday!
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