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according to version 4.2 of wordperfect was not released for amiga anymore. is also a good source for information about wordperfect versions available.
according to history page mentioned above, the latest amiga release of wordperfect was version 4.1.12 dated around january 1991.
version 5.0 was an alpha test which was never released. circulating "wordperfect 5.0" releases seem to be exact v4.1.12 copies.
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Upon doing some heavy research I found a Columbia University archive listing the version history of WordPerfect. It notes 5.0 for the Amiga was an alpha test and never saw release. This is yet another example of the sorry state of our online Amiga collections. They rarely note important things like NTSC/PAL designs, or in this case, if something was an unreleased version. It should be noted that version 5.0 would most likely be an exact copy of the last official Amiga WordPerfect release, which was version 4.1.12 released in January of 1991.

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