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What is your HDF size in bytes?

EDIT: Duplicated, some buffer overflow somewhere..

EDIT2: Fixed. It was unexpected side-effect of "cpu trace" which collects remaining CPU cycles if CPU is currently mid-instruction for "replying" for possible state file creation and loading. (It is always done when entering GUI to guarantee proper statefile if saved from GUI). If GUI was entered during Xebec internal DMA operation (Current CPU instruction was DMA enable write), whole DMA operation was collected which can be thousands of memory accesses, overflowing the buffer. (No normal instruction can overflow it, thats why there was no extra checks).

Correct fix would be to decouple DMA start CPU memory access and actual DMA transfer (for example A2091 and others do it this way), but it is not worth the trouble with these ancient drives which are only emulated because you can

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