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Well, my system for WHDLoad games is that only an A1200 system with a Workbench hard disk with WHDLoad games on it is needed - that's one configuration.

I also have configurations for A1200/030, A4000/030 and A4000/040, all with the same "System" and "Work" hard drives, together with extra hard drives for those demos that run from workbench.

For the demos, I use the following code, number followed by letter:

1 - A500
2 - A600
3 - A1200
4 - A4000

Q - Quickstart
W - Workbench

When I get new demos, I test each one to determine which of the above it runs on, so I know how to run them without needing many configs. True, there are a few unusual examples, but I tend to keep those in my memory.
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