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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
1500? I only have five (1 host and 4 hardware). I use Quickstart for demos and a A1200 WB hard drive for WHDLoad games.
Well yes, every game is different at the end of the day and so may require different settings / tweaks i.e:

a) Chipset (OCS / AGA).
b) Cycle-exact on / off.
c) Kickstart ROM.
d) RAM settings.
e) Display settings.
f) Centring.
g) etc...

Yes, granted most can be played without issue using the standard QuickStart defaults that Toni has kindly setup but... some games take a bit more trial and error...

With difficult games, there's no way I'm going to repeat the investigative process everytime I want to play so save one config per game once I have the ideal settings. Configuration files are small, my time isn't
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