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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Is that usual, or should I change it to an A1200 KS 3.1?

I was checking my old configurations today and I just realised the above - I think it stems from the fact that the A1200 config was originally an A4000 config which I downgraded and made more A1200 compatible with no JIT and cycle-exact stuff. I've had no trouble with it, but is it usual to do that?
I would say not but what do I know...

Not sure how many A1200 [AGA] configs you have set up (personally 186 ATM) but if you want a easy way to edit / change any lines then use NotePad++
  • Install / load it up.
  • Select "Search" --> "Find in Files..."
  • Point to your WinUAE "Configurations" directory and the rest is self explanatory really.

When you have over 1500 configurations and need to change a few things, this saves me hours of work and is done in a few minutes maximum
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