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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Something goes wrong and it seems to corrupt something causing debugger to activate.

I don't see anything else wrong in the log, KS ROM is found (and is valid), directory paths seem to exists and so on..

Does it work if JIT is switched off? What if chip ram size is changed to standard 2M?
Sorry, I didn't check it under the settings you describe, but I've just chucked the configs anyway and set up ones with new hard drives, and for the moment it seems to be working fine now.

The trouble seems to stem from my renaming the WinUAE folder from "(AMIGA)" to "AMIGA" (without the brackets) just to tidy up my files - it seems most software doesn't like being "uprooted" like this, and it certainly leaves a lot of unwanted stuff in the Registry which I can't change, or at least I'm not aware of software that would clean up such detritus.
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